Down’s syndrome


Down’s syndrome

Kids with different physical characteristics than normal people hinder them from developing their animated skills like their peers.

 Contrary to what everyone thinks, physical therapy does not seek to accelerate their growth, but rather to facilitate the development of patterns of movement. The long-term goal is to help the child develop certain postures such as proper standing, balancing the feet, and adopting a proper walking pattern.

Down's syndrome

The causes of Down’s syndrome?

There is no major cause of Down’s syndrome and scientists have not yet found a specific cause, but many studies indicate that the age of the mother at the age of childbearing is the main reason.

Scientifically it has been define Because of the abnormal division in the cell chromosome 21 to three copies. The normal cell of chromosome 21 contains only two copies.

Which of the children has a risk factor for Down’s syndrome?

It is mainly affected by the age of mothers, for example women of 25 years have the lowest risk of Down syndrome on their children where the ratio ranges from 1 to 1200 while women at the age of 30 risk of Down syndrome on their children 1 for every 350, as well as women at age 40 ratio will Up to 40 per 100 children, and when the mother reaches the age of 49 and over, the risk is 1 in 10 children.

How can we prevent Down syndrome during pregnancy?

Women should be married before 35 years of age in order to reduce risk.

It can also reduce the risk of Down syndrome during pregnancy by taking folic acid.

If the mother has children with Down syndrome, there is a high probability that the second child will develop Down syndrome.

Does Down syndrome have normal intelligence?

The average IQ of a young adult with Down syndrome is 50 equivalent to mental ability of an 8 or 9 years old normal child and this can vary widely.

The previous Down syndrome IQ of 50 only applied when the parents of affected baby are usually genetically normal but if the parents has genetic problem the IQ will be less.

Does the age of the father affect his children with Down syndrome?

The relationship between the age of the father and his children with Down syndrome is not the most influential Unlike the relationship between the age of the mother and the possibility of her children with Down syndrome, the father is less than 20 to 24 years of having children with Down syndrome, and the risk is doubled here, but parents older than 50 years They have a triple risk.

Symptoms of Down syndrome? Physical symptoms

  • eyes shaped like diamond  ( may shaped in a way that not typical for their ethnic group)
  • small ears
  • flutter faces
  • a tongue that strikes out of the mouth
  • Tiny white spots in the colored part of the eyes.

Physical therapy for children with Down syndrome

The main mechanism of physiotherapy for children with Down syndrome is the following points.

 First, diagnosis and monitoring: In the beginning, the physiotherapist monitors the child to determine the motor level and know the movements that the child can do.

Second, the physiotherapist develops a program that relies on simple movements and uncomplicated actions. Then begin to teach the child some skills and the divide these skills into several components and  use the most successful   mechanisms and strategies  with the child through experience and the adoption of learning and receiving method for each child.

The limited daily physiotherapy hours performed by a child with Down syndrome with a physiotherapist cannot significantly change the situation, so parents should be taught how to teach their child some skills and do them with the child at home and add them to his daily life.

Practice and repetition help to develop the strength and motor efficiency of the child significantly and this is one of the most important results to be achieved.

General advice for parents to parents while training their children on important motor skills

Parents are the most knowledgeable about children and they are most familiar with their behavior and desires and determine what motivates them.

Knowing your child’s behavioral pattern is the first step on the right path as it helps to enhance your ability to help him teach motor skills.

You should also note the movements and signals issued by your child during the beginning of his education and whether he feels some difficulty during  performing  movements you should simplify it  gradually or support his movement to reduce the feeling of fatigue.

In the end, all members of society must support people with Down syndrome. We support them and motivate them. They are part of this society and they already have positive energies within them that need our faith in their talents and abilities.

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