How to maintain your physical fitness


Before rushing to the core of our article, we should define physical fitness. Physical fitness is the ability to carry out daily tasks with strength and alertness, without fatigue. So, to enjoy our life and to perform activities appropriately, we have to be physically fit. What are the best ways to maintain your fitness?

Every one of us is seeking for maintaining his health and physical fitness, and it is well recognized that physical fitness depends on 2 main parameters:

  1. Healthy nutrition and health food.
  2. Practicing physical exercises.

Maintenance of fitness needs good will as well as continuation of the health life style that led you to be physically fit.

You have to take this advice in consideration during your journey to fitness. Join a group of friends who have the same intent and interest. Sure they should be supportive and have encouraging behaviors, so that if you failed for a short time or lost your interest, they will encourage you to re-join them.

Maintaining fitness is crucial

Food as a way to maintain physical fitness:

There are many types of regimes or diet systems to achieve and maintain the ideal body weight, but what is the best diet system?

No model answer of this question. The best diet system is different among individual, but it must allow you to eat healthy food within reasonable quantities that promote you to carry out your daily tasks without fatigue, no more, no less.

Some regimes have side effects and are not universal, meaning not every regime is suitable to all persons suffering from overweight.

Another important point is that any person treated from medical illness e.g.: diabetes mellitus, coronary insufficiency, they need some modifications on their diet that may not be suitable to others, and they may be got harmed from certain diet controls.

Physical fitness

We are going to enumerate common regimes:

  1. Low carbs diet.
  2. Keto diet.
  3. Intermittent fasting.
  4. The zone diet.
  5. The atkins diet.
  6. The paleo diet.
  7. The vegan diet.
  8. The dukan diet.

Here are pearls that will help you to maintain your physical fitness:

  1. Practice exercise: The minimum is to have 30-60 minutes of walking daily.
  2. Eating breakfast daily: It is the most common behavior associated with maintaining fitness.
  3. Eat plenty of protein, vegetables and fibers: They promote early satiety and provide your body with nutrients; also they need energy to burn them, so consume more calories.
  4. Eat less of white flour: White bread, pasta, …etc.
  5.  Drink excess water: Water needs calories to equalize its temperature to the body’s temperature, besides helping early satiety.
  6. Handle your emotions: a lot of people eat to relief their stress and anger. You should search for other alternatives e.g.: reading, walking, yoga, meditation ….etc.
  7. Monitor your weight regularly.
  8. Get enough sleeping hours: Lack of sleep will lead to:
  9. Increase hunger hormones
  10. Decrease in the leptin hormone( needed to feel satiety)
  11. Easy fatigability which reduces the ability to do exercise and reduces the motive to adhere to a plan.
  12. Track your food intake: calculate your caloric intake and keep eating healthy diet.
  13. Stick to your plan and target.

Causes of regaining the lost weight:

  1. Strict restriction of caloric intake: this will disturb the appetite controlling hormones.
  2. Wrong mind set: To think that weight control is a temporary target, you should stop it when achieved the desired weight.
  3. Lack of sustainable habits: to follow diet system that depends on rules rather than habits. All these steps can be considered as the best ways to maintain your fitness.


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