Natural aromatherapy treatment and essential oils



Aromatherapy and natural essential oils have made a lot of fuss lately about their real utility in helping to heal and heal everything from the smallest and simplest things like headaches or sleep to even the most complicated things like recovering from sore throat.


The most important question now…  

Do such really concentrated vegetable oils affect and function?

One expert specializing in this field says:

(It is not necessary for essential oils to work with everyone with the same effectiveness as they differ from one person to another in their reception, and as long as you use them in a safe and secure way for you, do not expect harm from using them(

And another adds:

(Essential oils have an effective, clear, and positive impact on your health and well-being, as they play a great role in controlling and improving your mood (


 In the next article, we will learn about the cases that the essential vegetable oils improve and help in their treatment, and we will also learn how to choose and know the good effective types as not all of them are manufactured in the same way as they differ from one type to another.

You will learn about all this and more to decide if you want to try the essential vegetable oils…

But before that

What are the essential oils?

The essential oils are those natural oils extracted from plants. We obtain it and extract it from plants in a variety of ways, including high pressure as well as heavy fumigation where pressure or fumigation is carried out on different parts of the plant such as (flowers, plant bark or leaves) in order to manufacture And the assembly of the compounds that result in perfume.

What does this process require?

This process may take a lot of time, as we need up to a large number of pounds of plants to produce just one bottle of essential oil we want.

Quick tip

Vegetable oils play several important roles and different functions in plants as well as being used in the manufacture of therapeutic smells as well.

What is aromatherapy?

Healing and aromatherapy through the use of essential oil extracts is a very old matter as humans have used different ages for centuries to recover, so what happens when you inhale and breathe these scents is that the aromatic odor molecules in those essential oils travel and pass from the nerves of the sense of smell (Olfactory nerves) directly to the brain and particularly affect the amygdala, where the center associated with emotion in the brain is located.

What other ways to benefit from essential oils?

The body benefits from essential oils in another way, by putting it on the skin directly and then the skin absorbs it where the person treating (a massage specialist or physiotherapist) massages it by adding it to the used oils and the massage as it helps to relax the contracted tight muscles while the body By stretching.

Quick tip

Some skin care companies add Lavender extract to some of their products to give a soothing and soothing effect to the skin when using this lotion.

To what degree are essential oils beneficial to the general health of the body?


Many people and users of essential oils claim, through their experiences with them, that they are natural remedies for a number of diseases. However, there is not enough scientific evidence and laboratory research to determine the extent of this effectiveness and its impact and impact on human health.

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