What is cupping?

Cupping is considered one of the basic practices in traditional medicine in many societies and civilizations, but after the modern development of medicine in a rapid manner led to the decline of traditional alternative medicine, decline in use, remained a traditional practice by some individuals individually and intermittently, after the inability of modern medicine in Treatment of some diseases in the current age and lack of confidence in some chemical drugs that have significant side effects on human health, here came the role of traditional medicine and began to spread in a very wide way as an alternative to chemical drugs and is now called alternative medicine, where alternative medicine has become A scientific study in which training courses and large studies are held where the turnout seemed to increase in a wide way. But so far it has not been included in medical textbooks at universities, where there is no conclusive evidence of cupping’s contributions to the treatment of diseases.


Is cupping still widespread?

The use of cupping and treatment with traditional medicine is still very widespread in the Arab and Islamic countries to this day, where many Muslims and Arabs resort to cupping therapy based on the hadith and Islamic and Arab heritage, which supports cupping and healing for many diseases.

What is the risks associated with cupping?

There are great dangers associated with cupping therapy and traditional methods if they are not under the supervision of a specialized medical office as there is direct contact with blood in the human body must sterilize all instruments before use and with the current development of each patient has become devices used once and consciousness has become present in the minds of many where they can choose The safest places in cupping work.

There is a very large difference between the blood produced by cupping and normal blood found in the vein. Based on studies and research, cupping blood contains a greater proportion of substances such as cholesterol, uric acid, and triglycerides. Cupping blood did not differ significantly from venous blood in terms of white blood cells, cupping blood exceeded venous blood in terms of red blood cells and hemoglobin, and also the proportion of platelets in blood cupping less than venous blood.

Realistic views of those who did cupping.

According to the questionnaire and opinions of some who have tried cupping it works to improve the physical and psychological state of the body in addition to the treatment of many blood disorders and some cases of rheumatism and some skin problems.

 I have personally experimented with cupping and as a personal experience, I am very sure that it works to improve the physical and psychological state of the body not to mention the activity that you feel in your natural day after the cupping days, but I advise those who initiate the work of cupping choose places designated and equipped and safe for this as it is fraught with risks Cupping is in direct contact with the patient’s blood.

Types of cupping

There are two types of cupping that we will detail in the following points

Types of cupping

Wet cupping

Here cupping uses a scalpel through which the condition of minor wounds in the skin and through the cups to suction blood and blood accumulations.

Dry cupping

This method is quite similar to the method of cupping wet but without the condition of the skin and anatomy, and this depends on changing the blood pressure inside the body only without causing any wounds or out of the blood, but leave red marks in place cups may last for hours.

History of Cupping

Many ancient civilizations have used cupping for thousands of years as a cure for many diseases such as the Pharaohs and Assyrians, which inscriptions on their temples and tombs indicate the use of ancient, and China uses cupping and needles as the main pillars of medicine so far, as known by the Arabs and the Greeks and described how they are used.

Cupping and prophetic medicine

Many Arabs and Muslims define the cupping of prophetic medicine because of the hadiths in Islam to urge the practice of cupping; Conversations.

«” The best that you cure cupping and phlebotomy “Narrated by Bukhari and Muslim»

Jaber narrated from the Prophet said:

“If any of your medications are healing, then the police are scaled or ironed with fire.

And Ibn Abbas from the Prophet said:

«” Healing in three: honey drink and police scaled “scalpel”, and cauterizing fire, and I finished my nation from ironing. “

It has been proven in many novels that the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) held back in several places of his body. His foot appeared. In his account that no one complained of ache in his head only said to him: Hold back. There is no soreness in his legs, but he said to him: Take them with henna. According to the Prophet’s medicine that cupping on the legs convergence phlebotomy and harm menstruation and on the scruff of ophthalmia and evaporation and headache, God knows best.

Cupping positions

• Important: the top of the head or the middle.

• fontanel: the center of the head where the bone meets the front of the head and back.

• Tricks: sides of the neck.

• Withers: upper back between the shoulders.

• Apparent feet: above what.

• Horseshoe: nape of the head.

• Nape click: bottom of the back of the head.

These include men and women and can be made without shaving.

Contraindications to cupping

It is forbidden for children and the elderly and those who suffer from general weakness in the body, as well as blood thinners and weak liver, stomach, and recital of the face and feet and pregnant women and women and menstruating.

When cupping, the patient should not feel any unusual problems that may affect his general health, as the exit of blood from the body may result in dizziness or prolapse and therefore must ensure public health.

Best times of second cupping.

The best times of cupping are on the seventeenth and nineteenth and the twenty-first day of each month and here  we find conversations to show this to the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him.

 Al-Tirmidhi said that the Messenger of Allah PBUH said: “The best thing that you are protesting on the seventeenth and nineteenth and twenty-one day.” And Anas: “The Messenger of God was holding back in the tricks and withers and he was holding out seventeen or nineteen and twenty-one.” For days scientific coupling shows miracle in the selection of these days reviewed in this recent studies.

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